Desy Kamen - award winning fine artist and architectural designer.


Born in Sofia, Bulgaria,  lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Varna, Bulgaria.


Member of the Professional Association of the Visual Artists of Austria and The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.


Desy Kamen has recieved systematical education in fine arts in the National School for Fine Arts Ilia Petrov and architectural design (Master in architecture) in Sofia and Vienna.



Practice since 1992 as fine artist, architect, designer, teaching architect (at the Univercity of Architecture, Civil Engeneering and Geodesy, Sofia), private teacher in drawing and painting.


Exhibitions in Munich, Vienna, Sofia, Varna. Publications in art magazines and in internet.


"Мy goal is first and foremost to explore my own limits and possibilities.


Architecture and design help me to explore the causality and construction of the material environment in which we live, and the fine arts give me the opportunity to expand these boundaries ...


Тhe understanding the superficial and sensory environment is gradually complemented by the development of intuitive and purely creative beginnings. That`s an endless process that "keeps me on the surface" and at the same time immerses me in a different, parallel reality, filled with symbols and unexpected, sometimes difficult to understand revelations.


I am not one of the artists who produce paintings... I work a lot on the prima vista, but at the same time I give myself enough time to be able to create the best I am capable of... When I understand Myself, then I can understand the Universe and the Spirit of the Universe.


...The experiment continues ..."


Vienna, 2021




26.01. - 27.02.2022 - Langenzersdorf Museum


Group exhibition of the Professional Association of the visual Artistsof Austria 


21.02. - 08.03.2020 - Art Gallery Vienna 

"MONOCHROM" - Group exhibition by Art Assosiation Kunstschaffen


25.09. - 24.10.2019 - House Wittgenstein, Vienna

"RETROSPECTIVE" - Solo exhibition 


25.06.2019 -27.07.2019 - Art Gallery Vienna

"LA VIE E ROSE" - Group exhibition by Art Association Kunstschaffen


29.04.2019 - 04.05.2019 - Art Gallery Vienna

"SUMMERFEELING" - Group exhibition by Art Association Kunstschaffen


12.10.2018 - 10.11.2018 - Art Gallery Lichtraum 1, Vienna

"THE SATISFIED SLAVE" - An art project by Global Affairs of ART. Group exhibition


06.10.2018  - 13.10.2018 - Kunsttreff Quidde, Munich, Germany

COUPLET“ - Group exhibition of the Professional Association of the visual Artists of Austria


 June, 2018 - Old Schieberkammer, Vienna

"WATER IS THE BLOOD OF THE EARTH", Leonardo da Vinci - Group exhibition of the Professional Association of the visual artists of Austria


Mai 2018 - Otto Maurer Center, Vienna

"DEPARTURE TO THE LIGHT" - Group exhibition of the Professional Association of the visual Artists of Austria


January, 2018 - Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

"OWN VIEW OF THINGS" - Group exhibition of the Professional Association of the visual Artists of Austria


Summer 2002 - Galery Kavalet, Varna, Bulgaria

"MUSIC" - Group exhibition 


1998 - Galery Martin, Sofia, Bulgaria

Group exhibition painting 


1989 - Bankja - Sofia, Bulgaria

Student exhibition painting and drawing 





2022. Publication  in the anniversary edition "Art in Motion" ("Kunst in Bewegung") for the 110 years Professional Association of the visual Artists in Austria


2021. International Prize David Michelangelo. Publication in Art International Contemporary Magazine


2020. "Show of Heads" - Limner Galery, Houston, NY, USA. Publication by Slow Art Productions - Special Pandemic Edition, USA


2020. Winner in the Annual Portrait Competition, Contemporary Art Galery Online, USA 


2018. Kitz Award - Certificate of Excellence, Kitzbüehl, Austria


2019. Publication in Internet from The Proffesssional Association of the visual Artists of Austria


2017. Bar on the sundeck of the superyacht HOME - publication in the online magazine BOAT INTERNATIONAL